The Spear Diver

I’ve always been in love with Seiko vintage divers, specially the affordable 6309.I was on the hunt for one for years, they usually pop up every now and then on the bay, mostly in bad shape or sellers using stock pictures, and whenever I find a nice one, it is usually above my budget. W&W

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Ocean One Vintage Military, Second Edition – From Steinhart

Steinhart is a relatively new watch company, started around 2002, all watches are designed by Günter Steinhart himself; all the pieces have swiss movement mostly ETA or Selitta, although they have started producing their own movements recently, the hand-wound ST-1 and the automatic ST-5. All watches are assembled in Jura Region of Switzerland.   They have developed a lot of  watches

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Alpha the Explorer

In my search for a Rolex Explorer homage, I came across few nice options; but I ended up getting the least expensive one, the Alpha version. This particular watch was produced in very low quantities in 2012 with three different colors’ variations, they were all sold out in a couple of months.Alpha then produced another

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Best Explorer Homage

I always believed that the Rolex Explorer is one of the best versatile watches ever made, it is dressy enough to have it on a suit, and can be easily dressed down with jeans.The Explorer was initially released in 1953, and it got re-engineered in 2010.History of the Explorer It was highly perceived upon its

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Mongol watches, Rebirth of Classic watches in a Minimal & Elegant style

I’ve started to look into more classic design watches after I figured out that I don’t have any but sport watches, mainly divers.I came across Mongol watches on Instagram; and I also checked their Kickstarter campain; Kashif Barlas the founder is a true watch enthusiast and a big fan of vintage time pieces.The name MONGOL

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RADO’s horses!

When I was really young, I had the impression that Rado means “watch”, I don’t really know from where I got this impression, but probably from my grandfather when I used to sit with him while he hand wound his sun-burst blue dial Rado! Rado is a Swiss high range manufacturer of watches, headquarters in

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