Tiger Concept a new whole concept!

Tiger Concept is a young watch company and watch parts’ seller out of Hong Kong.
I believe it started few years back, its main offerings include Vintage Rolex homages.

TC became very popular among watch enthusiasts specially on the BSHT forum as well as the Homage forums.

The most interesting about their watches that they can be customized for you with no extra charge, so you can get any sort of hands on any sort of compatible dial in a case style you like.

In the example below I have a 6538 Big Crown Homage case, with a Tiger concept 369 dial, customized with military sword hands and a red pip bezel insert.

Also another variation with the 5508 Gilt dial and red second hand

These are really good reliable and very affordable watches that were very well built. and the fact that they are unique is a plus.

Also I have to mention that William the owner is a great guy, he is very responsive to emails, regularly same day, and always willing to accommodate his clients’ requests.

TC has released its V4 Big Crown watch, which is in a complete different league than the V3, it is remarkably well built,  I will dedicate a complete post showing the V4 beautiful case as well as a head to head comparison with the V3.

And now some more pics

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