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As an affordable mechanical watch collector, I’m always striving to find good quality affordable leather straps; as it doesn’t make scene to order a 100$ strap for a 50$ affordable watch or so;
Over time I managed to find some very good straps around here and there; one of those is from Artisan Strap Co
I found this company posting great pics on Instagram, this small company is operated by 2 young watch enthusiasts, after exchanging few emails with them, they managed to made me a custom vintage style strap for my newly acquired vintage Seiko Chronograph 6139.
The transaction was pretty smooth, and I got my strap in less than a week.

The strap itself is very well made from veg-tan leather; the stitches were in blue color matching the watch’s dial; I was very impressed with the quality when I got it out from the shipping package.

The strap is thin, soft and very comfortable; I could tell that it was hand made and very well constructed.

It has a nice polished buckle, nothing to write home about, but it is of good quality; and for sure secure the watch very well.

The leather used has a very unique color vibe to it which complements the vintage style;
It changes its tone a little bit with different lighting conditions.

It also has a very nice texture which again matches the vintage style, and gives it a nice aged look.

Fitting the strap to the watch was a breath, as it was custom made to fit the irregular lugs’ width at this watch, 19mm.

I really like the final look of the product and will not be putting any other straps on this watch for a long time.

The strap has a bare back with no leather on it; if I would change something this would be it;
But again it will be a thick strap, which I really don’t like, so to keep it thin I would keep it as is.

Finally this is an excellent strap for a very affordable price, extremely fast shipping.
I like it very much! Thank You Artisan Strap Co.

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