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The new WUS Diver Project – Emperor

The guy behind the emperor is a very well known guy and a true watch enthusiast, he is the one who brought the Chinese Pilot 1963 watch back to life by releasing very nice and modern iterations to this legend. He also created a lot of nice homage watches through WUS board. Yes, you probably […]

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Mexanica – Rebel

I met one of Mexanica co-founders online, he is a fellow watch enthusiast having a daytime job to pay his bills; after exchanging few messages, he sent me one of the Rebel1’s watches for review. The watch arrived on a real leather zulu, and as I’m not a big fan of zulus, I dumped it

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Manchester Watch Works ICONIK 3

Manchester Watch Works ICONIK 3 By Marcos Santana (El_Geek)          The world of watch companies offering “Homages” of the most popular watch designs in history is one that is currently extremely saturated and it seems it will not change. Most new watch companies unapologetically release blunt copies of the greatest.There are only

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