Mr. Sailcloth!

I’ve always admired sailcloth straps, they have a unique summery and fresh look, but I was pushed away with the fact that all sailcloth straps that I found are not water sports’ friendly; you can’t really swim with them, on the other hand they are stiff and usually take long time to break them in; this all changed when I found Mr Sail Cloth.

I found Mr Sailcloth, Clement on Instagram, and he was kind enough to offer to send me a couple of straps to try, he is a very young watch affectionate and very nice to talk watches with; fast forward few weeks later, I have 3 nice straps to try on.

First impression that the straps are very well made, and probably hand crafted; they don’t have leather back so they  are not shy of getting wet, but I was concerned that those might not be very comfortable; but this has changed after few mins.

When I put the straps on to try, the first thing I noticed that they are very comfortable, I had one on the OVM, and I kept wearing this combo for 3 days straight, it looks great and it is very comfortable.

The straps are very sturdy and well constructed, with a very nice and unique look and feel; the buckle is really nice with mixed brushed and polished surfaces.

This is by far the best strap I’ve tried on my sports’ watches, and will probably go buy other color variations; I would highly recommend those straps;

Check Mr Sailcloth on Instagram @mrsailcloth and online at iWantAStrap