The Rebirth of a Legend!

Seiko has been very famous for its legendary diving watches, from the 1960s up till today, with a wide range from affordable to high end luxury watches that can easily compete with its Swiss counterparts.
One of those pieces is the beloved 6105 with the beautiful cushion case and the square hour markers.

Later the 6309 was introduced, which shares the same case with its predecessor the 6105 but with circular hour markers as well more modern arrow hands.

The same dial and hands are almost identical to the SKX007 and SKX009 still in production today, such an iconic design!

The 6105 price range today is somewhere between 800$ up to 2000$ depend on the condition, and if everything is original or not.
The 6309 price is a bit lower ranging from 500$ to 1200$ again depending on the condition.

The great surprise that Seiko has for all their vintage diver’s enthusiasts is the rebirth of this legend, as they are producing a re-issue for the 6309 and it will be available early next year.
Initially they are addressing certain markets, as this was promoted on their South African’s website

This watch will be part of their PROSPEX collection, the blue dial – blue bezel one will be model: SRP773K1.

They have four different variations, the blue one above, then a gilt one, with the model: SRP775K1

Then the all black, model: SRP777K1

And finally the pepsi one, model SRP779K1

This beautiful watch will come with the caliber 4R36, 24 jewels, with day/date feature, 41 hours power reserve, hacking and hand-winding capabilities.

The stainless steel case has a 44.3 mm diameter.
A harldex mineral crystal, I really wished it was sapphire, but I really can’t complain about hardlex, specially Seiko claims that it is better than sapphire when it comes to diving watches as it doesn’t shatter like the latter.
It has a screw down crown and case back with 200 m water resistance.
It will also has LumiBrite luminous hands and markers, and no one can argue about Seiko’s lume!

This will retail around 420 euros and adding 40 euros for the ss bracelet.

I believe it is a great value for an amazing watch, and it will save us a lot of hassle working on the vintage pieces, although some will disagree with me and will prefer the vintage ones for the history behind them.

It is all about personal preference, and mine will be clearly to pick one of those new ones, the question is which one(s)!

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