Strapsco, not your average strap company!

Last year I was hunting for a rally strap with orange stitching to go with my blue-orange Orthos by Lew & Huey.
After a little research, I found an ebay seller that had very interesting offerings, and I actually found a nice strap which I liked, but I wasn’t sure about the length, so I contacted the seller, and actually he went out of his way helping me, he asked about my wrist size and the length of the watch case, and finally he advised me not to buy it, as it will be too big for my wrist.

I was very impressed with the service, he gave me an honest advise even if it costed him to loose the deal.
I researched this seller and I found that they had a website, and I was very impressed with their offerings; I found what I was looking for, and I love my Orthos even more with its new shoes!

 Later I was searching for a vintage style rally strap to go with my vintage Seiko 6139; and again I found what exactly I was looking for at their website for a reasonable price. I wasn’t expecting this to be an easy task, due to the awkward lugs’ width which is 19mm, but to my surprise I easily found what I was looking for.

I ordered the strap, and it came in less than a week to my door step; and today I will have a close look at this strap.

The strap came in a nice package in an addition to a complimentary spring bars’ set, I believe this is one of the very few companies that include spring bars for free.
It’s not just a nice gesture, but the most important is that those spring bars fit the strap perfectly.

At the first glance I fell for this strap, it has a very nice vintage vibe, and it is very well finished;
They had 3 colors’ options to pick from, the black, brown and finally the rust, which was the one I opted to.

At this price point I wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise, it is a very well finished strap, the attention to details is remarkable.

It has a polished buckle, I would have preferred a thicker and brushed one, but this buckle is well made, sturdy enough and fits perfectly.

The back is made of real leather and it is very well finished and extremely comfortable.

Fitting the strap to the watch was an easy job, it is clear that the strap size is very accurate as advertised.

At first I found the strap to be a bit stiff, and it needed a little breaking in; but after a couple of hours on my wrist it was all set, and I totally forgot that I have a watch there. I had the watch on for a week continuously and I can say that this strap is very comfortable.

I like the texture of this strap, it is clear that the more I wear this strap the more awesome it looks.

So to sum up, Strapsco is offering brilliant straps for very little money, with an excellent customer service as well as brilliant overall shopping experience, I highly recommend them.

And now some more pics!

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