Tiger Concept Big Crowns V3 – V4 head to head

Last month I covered Tiger Concept as a young watch company, and their major models, in particular the Big Crown, that I’m really fond of.
Today, I will do a head to head comparison between the Big Crown V3 and their latest release V4.

For the first glance, there are major differences between the 2 cases;
First of all, the V4 feels larger, and after measuring both cases, it turned out to be 2 mm larger than the V3, sitting around 40 mm without the crown.

The dial opening in the V4 cases is larger than the V3 ones, it is about 29 mm rather than the old which was 28 mm, and I was astonished how 1 mm made that big difference!

The V4 has a Sapphire Crystal, rather than the mineral glass one fitted in the V3. Although I’ve hopped for AR coating, but it’s not there yet.

 The V4 case fit and finish is remarkably better, it has satin brushed lugs’ top and nicely polished sides.

There is a fine highly polished line separating the 2 surfaces, which gives the case an amazing look, it feels much more expensive than the actual price tag.

The V3 cases, were a bit of ‘hit’n miss’, I have 2 cases of those, although I like them both, but the finish on both are not that good, specially the brushed sides, were they both looked as if they were hand brushed using a scotch brite rather than proper machined, but this is not the case for the V4s at all!

The above pictures are showing the V3 brushed surfaces I mentioned, although I like it for the toolish and rugged feeling.
One of the more advantages for the V4 cases, is the bezel, as the bezel is unidirectional which clicks, while the V3 cases had friction bi-directional bezels which were fairly loose.

Both cases have lugs’ holes for the military and vintage feel, although the V4 has centered holes, where it seems that better machines / methods were applied to drill the lugs.
The V3 lugs’ holes are off centered and leaning towards the lugs’ edge.

The V4 case is a bit taller, with straight lugs slightly curved towards the end to hug the wrist.
While the V3 case has the lugs bend uniformly downwards.

In the picture above the V4 case is on top, and it is clear how both cases have different designs, I personally prefer the V4 case.

Just to wrap up, the V4 case is way better than the V3, design wise, fit and finish as well.
I haven’t held a Kemmner case or W3 case yet, but I have the feeling that the V4 case from Tiger Concept is a real competitor, maybe not there yet, but I think with some persistence they will reach brilliant results.

Also worth mentioning that the V4 cases came with major movements upgrade, as the Miyota 9015 is an offered option.
While I really like the V4 cases, I will be much more happy, if they consider AR coating and an improved bezel action.

Great Work Tiger Concept, very well done!

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