Re-Introducing Artisan Strap Co.

Back in April last spring I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the very first straps that were produced by a very young leather straps’ company, called Artisan.
The strap was 100% hand made and was customized exactly for my vintage Seiko 6139.

Back then, their website was not yet setup, and the whole project was just an idea in the minds of 2 watch enthusiasts.

Although I liked the strap very much, and I still have it on the watch till today; but there were some minor hitches in the strap that were highlighted, which is very normal, as probably this was one of their very first.

Later in summer, they launched their website, and they have taken into consideration all of their friends’ feedback.
This has resulted into very mature products, very well made leather straps for a reasonable price, considering that they were 100% hand made.

They have 4 products’ lines at the moment, all are very interesting, with great vintage taste.

The Minimal Stitch straps, which is one of the most vintage admired designs, simply a timeless classic.

There are many leather colors available, and they can easily customize the stitching colors to match your taste, or watch design.
These straps look great on both vintage and modern time-pieces that will give the watch a unique vintage feel, while staying very comfortable.

Then their Signature Series, which is one of the most classic designs ever made.

This strap can fit any design, which will easily dress up any affordable watch and will give it a more refined and classy feel.

They also have a padded version from their signature straps, which is called the Plush!

This strap can give a nice heft to a slim watch, or give it a classy yet sporty feel.

Finally, they have a very interesting strap fitting the Apple watch.

I’m not an Apple watch or any other smart watch fan, so I can’t speak for the look or the feel.
But definitely this strap on the Apply watch screams, Classsssss!

Finally, I would highly recommend that everybody should have a look on Artisan Straps’ website
Simply you will be looking at watch straps made by watch enthusiasts for watch enthusiasts around the world.

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