Exploring the Explorer 2 from OM

Obris Morgan http://www.obrismorgan.com/ is a young watch company that started few years back and have produced some great watches that created a vibe among enthusiasts.
I’ve been following OM for the last 2 years, but couldn’t get hold of their best seller Explorer1 before it was completely sold out, this watch helped positioning the company in a leading position among some other brands.
Later on I was reluctant to search the sales forums; also I was afraid of the size, as the watch looked really chunky.
This all changed when I got an email from Jason, the founder of OM, announcing the pr-order of the second Explorer generation, “Explorer2”
The prototype photos were brilliant, and the watch looked very handsome, I couldn’t resist and I pre-ordered one the same day.
The ordering experience was amazing, OM made it possible that you can customize your watch, Such as brushed case vs blasted one, blue bezel with a black dial and vise verse, also there were 2 font colors to choose from, blue and orange.
Finally I ordered the blue on blue with orange font and a brushed case.

The shipping date was very accurate as mentioned during the pr-order, I have to admit that Jason is an amazing project manager, in order to get this right with not a single day delay!
The watch was shipped through Fedex, which I really dislike as they usually charge extra for customs and handling fees, the only carrier that does this, I guess;
Anyways the watch arrived in 5 days to Toronto!

The watch is nicely packaged, coming in a small orange tool box, the package includes a double sided screw driver, rubber band, cleaning cloth as well as an extra lugs’ screw.

The watch is remarkably well finished, the brushed case is very well executed, adjusting the bracelet was a breeze using the supplied screw driver, and I anxiously put it on my wrist; and voila!

The watch sits very well on the wrist and it is extremely comfortable;
The super engineer bracelet is great, very comfortable, doesn’t rattle or pull hair or anything of this matter.

The clasp is nice, would have preferred it to be a bit heavier, but it doesn’t rattle and secure the watch very well.

The bezel action is really nice, firm, no play at all with a satisfying clicking sound and feel.

The sapphire crystal sits about 1 mm higher than the bezel, it is very clear and the AR coating is nicely done, not the best, but for sure the best I’ve seen in this price range, or even double or tripple this range.

The signed crown is sized right! got a nice grip to it, screwing and unscrewing have very assuring feel; winding the watch is a great experience for sure.

The case has a helium release valve, not sure why, specially the watch is rated 200 m WR, but it looks neat and balances the design.

The dial is neatly printed, with generously applied superluminova C1

The bezel insert is an aluminium one, very nicely printed and fitted. I would have preferred a ceramic one, but again, not complaining at all!

Worth mentioning that this beauty is powered by a high beat Miyota 9015, beating at 28,800 BPH; so the second hand sweeps very smoothly.

To conclude, I’m extremely happy with this watch, and it really gets a lot of wrist time;
It is one of the best watches I got from a boutique brand.
Obris Morgan puts most of other boutique brands to shame, it is unbelievable how they managed to deliver such a well made time piece with such specs at this price level; and also adding some goodies with it!

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