The Orthos from Lew & Huey

Lew & Huey is a young watch company based in Philadelphia founded in 2012; the founder Chris Vail is a true watch enthusiast and a great guy to do business with; he takes this business to a different level, he responds to customer queries and emails personally, you can easily become friends with him after exchanging few emails.

My story started with Lew & Huey when I read a review for their first watch the “Ricarrdo” by Worn and Wound

I didn’t pull the trigger on the Ricarrdo although it was still available then, and I still regret this stupid move from my side!

I started following closely L&H productions and interesting designs; nothing really interested me till I saw the initial photos for the Orthos, their first diver / tool watch in their lineup.

The photos were a computer render, but I fell in love with it immediately; I placed an order and I had to wait for 7 months to finally receive the watch;

During the wait, Chris was updating WUS threads with Orthos final design, case back design which was very interesting; also with pre-production and proto types’ photos. This is the only watch that I feel that I’m part of its design and production, although I didn’t contribute at all, but it feels awesome.

I was very excited when the watch was shipped, and upon receiving it, I was astonished, the only words I have is that it is very well worth the wait.

The watch came in a very nice travel case, a little bit on the bigger side, but very well constructed and secured the watch very well.

Taking the watch out of the case, it was very well wrapped in plastic, it has a nice heft to it, and looks very well constructed. After removing the plastic covers, I was in LOVE!

The watch has a very bright sunburst blue dial, and a dark orange bezel, the dial reminds of my grandfather’s zenith from the 50’s which had the same color;

Sizing the bracelet was very easy and it took few mins, but to my surprise it was too loose for my 6.7″ writs; so i took it off, and put it on a nato to start;

The bracelet is well constructed with hefty solid end links with screw down pins, but the links themselves are on the lighter side, and the pins screw down few turns only, so it might be an issue with someone willing to use this as a real tool watch; but for me as a desk diver, I found it very well constructed, but unfortunately have to figure out how to make it fit my small writ.

The watch head is a piece of art, very well built, with twisted short lugs, that looks fantastic;
There were some concerns among enthusiasts that this watch was heavily inspired by the Omega PO, but having the Orthos on my wrist I have to say that these 2 watches don’t have anything in common, I have tried the PO several times and I have really felt it. Now I have to say that the Orthos is way better looking watch, I had to remove the PO from my grail’s list for now.
I really mean it, this is a gorgeous time piece.

The bezel action is firm and has nice clicking and satisfying sound, although it is hard to grip the bezel due to its scalloped shape and slim profile.

The dial is very well executed, the applied markers are very thick which adds to the toolish feel of the watch.

Sparky [L&H legendary dog] is neatly printed on the dial

Nothing to write home about regarding the hands, but the second hand is very nice with an orange tip, and a fish tail end.

The crown is nicely executed with Sparky engraved on it, I found it not easy to grip, and unscrewing it was not a very satisfying experience, as it is not pushed out when fully unscrewed, but something I shouldn’t be complaining about in the first place.

The case is very well finished mixing polished and brushed surfaces, it really feels way more expensive that it is.
It has curved lugs, which makes it very well wearable for small wrists, as well as bigger ones.

The Seiko NH35 movement is the Orthos heart, it is a very accurate movement, and to my surprise it is quieter than the Miyota 9105, but maybe not as smooth as the later;

The case back is a piece of art, it is a shame that people can’t see it!

The lume is nicely done, maybe not as aggressive as the Seiko Monsters and Helsons, but it is surely in the SKX007 league.

I’ve been wearing this watch for more than a week, and it is growing on me;
I’ve tried it on nato starps as well as perlons, also planning to add leather and rubber straps soon.

Now to the specs:
Display Glass: Domed Anti-Reflective Sapphire
Water Resistance: 20ATM / 300M / 1000FT
Case Diameter: 42mm (Without Crown)
Case Length: 50mm
Case Thickness: 13mm
Lug Width: 22mm
Movement: Seiko Cal. NH35 (4r36)
Power Reserve: More than 41 hours [I personally tested this]

Beside the bracelet being so large, this watch is an extremely well made watch with an amazing design that was brilliantly executed.
Well done L&H, and thank you for bringing to the world something this beautiful.

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