Karlskrona Baltic Shield

When Todd @Bradystraps announced the start of his new watch brand, Karlskrona and revealed his first model, the Baltic Shield; I was so excited as I know Todd for quite some time, he is a true watch enthusiast and the watch’s renders were perfect, so I had to have one!
The order process was smooth, and the watch was delivered not so far from the scheduled date.

The watch came in a simple travel case, with a black zulu and a sailcloth strap.
There were 2 dial options, black and grey, I opted for the grey one with yellow text;
At first glance it felt bigger than expected; the case is satin brushed and really well executed, with a brilliant sapphire doomed crystal, but the dial was lighter than I was hoping for, overall it felt a very well built watch for the money.

The case has very short and curved lugs measuring 43mm by 49mm with 22mm lugs’ width, so it sits well on even small wrists; it is a bit chunky when paired with nato or zulu straps.
The drilled lugs gave it a military feel, definitely a nice touch, and the signed crown is well proportioned and easy to grip.

The case back covering the NH35 workhorse is simple, with the logo and serial number engraved.
It is a bit rough and I would have hoped for smoother and deeper engravings, but not a real complain here!

The bezel can be easily griped, but it has a little play to it, I would have liked to have it more tight. Also the ceramic insert is shinier than my taste, I have liked it more matte.

The lume is brilliant, I would say one of its best features.

In despite of the snags I mentioned, I like the watch and it is a keeper; specially when I paired it with a canvas strap. It is very comfortable and sturdy; also worth mentioning the 300m water resistance.

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